Welcome to Quidd—collect Star Trek stickers, cards and toys.

On Quidd there are base sets of trading cards with every character—Spock, Kirk, Data, Uhura, Picard—and beautifully illustrated chase sets like Deep Space Nine, Khaaaaaaan!, Advanced Weaponry, Kirk's Guide to Love and more.

Star Trek Card Sets:

Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: The Animated Series
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise

Collectible cards aren't all! Quidd also has Star Trek stickers with limited-edition prints that you can use on your keyboard. And coming soon: Star Trek 3-d interactive toys!

Come experience the art of collecting Star Trek on Quidd. Go on, geek out. 🖖🏻