Breaking Bad vintage card set: "Stay Tuned"

Breaking Bad vintage card set: "Stay Tuned"

Welcome to the behind the scenes design world of Quidd!

Today, we chat with Jesse, one of the amazing designers on Quidd's Breaking Bad channel. As a hilarious, quick-thinking, native New Yorker and longtime Breaking Bad fan, Jesse is the perfect match for the explosive and story-driven narrative of the series.

After the recent well-received release of Jesse's vintage, "Stay Tuned" set, we were psyched to hear him dish about the set's creation.

"When designing the Breaking Bad vintage "Stay Tuned" set, my initial goal was to create a feeling of nostalgia. I wanted these cards to look like they had been through some real wear and tear over time. But, it wasn't just a visual look that I was trying to recreate, I wanted them to feel as though they had a personality that came from a different era as well. Being such a huge fan of the series myself, I know (and love) how dramatic and intense this show can be. But, I felt that adding little bit of levity into the design and copy would create a dramatic flare that was so popular in the days of yesteryear. I really had a lot of fun cutting loose and developing this set and it has been so amazing to see how popular it's become!"
"Out of all the cards in this set my favorite one has to be Walter White. Whenever I become invested in a series like this, I always find myself latching onto the main character and giving them the most of my attention. This time around was no exception. Walter White has such a dynamic personality and I found him to be so compelling and captivating. I believe that it is his personality that really sets the overall tone for the show. Whenever I design for this channel, I always feel that if I can get his card just right, the rest will simply fall into place as well."
"I think that working on Breaking Bad is so fun because of how iconic the series is. In my opinion, it is literally one of the most perfectly written television shows I have ever watched! Every single episode serves a purpose that furthers the story and each character has been so intricately thought out. Every little detail was so meticulously  planned out by the show's creators and I have so much appreciation for that. Breaking Bad is a landmark series with one of the greatest protagonists/antagonists that I have ever encountered and being able to contribute to that legacy as both a professional designer and fan has been such a thrill!" 


Thanks for blowing us away with your beautiful work Jesse!

(Vintage fans we have just one message for you: Stay Tuned!)