What's Available ONLY the 13th of Every Month?

The "Home" set in Quidd's X-Files channel

The "Home" set in Quidd's X-Files channel

Quidd's next spotlight set is "Home" from our X-Files channel! Every week, Quidd-Meghan and Quidd-Vic bring Quidd's X-Files channel to life. We grabbed both of them to give us the low-down on how they're digging deep and dropping crazy inventive sets, week after week. 

Meghan reveals, "It’s funny. I never in a million years thought I’d end up working for a digital trading card App. I’m a writer by nature and a storyteller at heart. Nothing feels as good to me as the satisfaction of putting words on paper and suddenly creating a whole world. But being a Producer at Quidd has opened up a whole new world of storytelling for me. Creating content for The X-Files Channel has allowed me to use my words and ideas in a way I never would have thought possible. The world-building aspect of creating a Channel is probably one of the most important aspects of what makes the content appealing here. Giving fans an experience that drops them into the world of the show they love is one of the things that makes Quidd unique."

Quidd-Vic is our in-house X-Files super fan. You can spot his X-Files tee-shirts on the regular and his ability to mold characters from clay in order to recreate scenes blows our minds. 

Quidd-Vic divulges, "'Home' is known as one of the creepiest and unsettling episodes of the series. My goal was to design something that reflected the atmosphere of the episode while also capturing the gross-out factor. I looked at the art of 90's horror comics and album covers for inspiration. Their use of layering different textures and grungy photo real elements were hugely inspiring when I designed this set!"

Meghan, a wizard at sculpting addictive worlds on Quidd, let out that there were very special considerations involved with creating this set. 

"The 'Home' Episode of The X-Files is one of the most popular and notorious episodes ever aired. It was the first episode to receive a TV-MA Rating and is still considered one of the scariest X-Files episodes of all time. Because of the nature of the subject matter (incest, murder, baby killing), I felt challenged to create a card set that artistically presented the horrors of 'Home' and yet wasn’t gory, or gratuitous. Screenshot selection is always important, but in this case, I felt as though I had a particular responsibility to both the episode and Quidd fans to choose wisely. It’s easy to choose blood and gore for shock value, but if you want to create a set that tells a story in 12 cards, it’s important to dig a little deeper and really curate your shots." 

Vic shared that of the 12 cards, "I think The Horrifying Discovery is my favorite card of the set. For me, it really captures what makes this episode so creepy. As someone who has been a long time X-Files fan, working on this property is a dream come true. Since my earliest memories of hearing the theme song and running out of the room, the X-Files have long propagated a love of sci-fi and the paranormal in my brain. The X-Files has such a massive repository of stories that it's easy to delve into different styles and themes."

So, when can you get your fingers on these awesome cards? Meghan dishes on their super exclusive release, "The other important, fun, and sometimes diabolical aspect of producing a card set, is the manner in which you release it - do you put out the whole set at once? Or, do you only put out a single card at a time? What would generate the most interest and be part of an overall theme for the set? For 'Home' I chose a special release date of Halloween - what goes better with the scariest night of the year than the one of the scariest episodes of television ever aired? After that, the 'Home' set is only ever available on the 13th of each month. Just for an added bit of triskaidekaphobic mischief!"

Grab these cards while you can because tomorrow, they'll be swiped from the shop until the next 13th calendar day pops up in Quidd Brooklyn time!



Quidd's Top Twenty Weekly Playlist

Here in the Quidd office, we're all about keeping the energy high and the beats going while we work. 

In case you're hungering for some new tunes this week, here's a sneak glimpse into what's pulsing through our headphones.


Quidd's Top Twenty Weekly Playlist:

1. Beenie Man ft. Major Lazer - "I'm The King"

2. Mako: "Run for Your Life"

3. Pearl Jam - "Alive"

4. Krishna Das - "Sundara Chalisa (Live in Maui)" 

5. Klingande Playground Show #10

6. Beyonce - "Sorry"

7. The Clovers - "One Mint Julep" 

8. The New Basement Tapes: "Kansas City" and "When I Get My Hands On You"

9. Diamanda Galás - "Skotoseme" 

10. J.J. Cale - "I Got The Same Old Blues"

11. The Hold Steady - "Stuck Between Stations" 

12. Elle King - "Ex's & Oh's"

13. Rick Sanchez - "Let me Out"  

14. Solange - "Don’t Touch My Hair"

15.  Migos - "Bad And Boujee"

16. Underworld - "Anathema"

17. The Misfits - "I Turned into a Martian"

18. Ray Lynch - "Celestial Soda Pop"

19. Fun - "Some Nights"

20. Mozart - "Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor"


You really get to know someone once you get under their playlist. So consider yourself very well acquainted with Quidd employees right now! Let's bliss out to these tunes together!




Why Difficult? Set Difficulty Levels Explained

Recently, Quidd introduced the concept of set difficulty. What does it mean?


There are seven levels of difficulty

Beginner, Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Difficult, Very Difficult, Almost Impossible

Most of the sets in Quidd fall between Very Easy and Medium. 

As of today, only three are Almost Impossible: "Kirk’s Guide to Love" in Star Trek, "Justice for Francis" in Bob’s Burgers, and "Stay Tuned" in Breaking Bad.


How is difficulty measured?

The difficulty measure is based only on the items in the set and NOT on how the set is released. In other words, it’s all about the number of items and their print counts. It does not consider the packs that are created to sell the items, if they have high or low odds, when the packs are available, or if the items are released one at a time or all together. It also does not consider if the current edition is sold out.

So what does it mean for a set to be difficult?

To finish a set, you need a combination of luck, skill, and coins. These factor into the difficulty measure. The more luck, skill, and coins you need to finish a set, the more difficult it is.

Luck is when you get the rarest cards in a pack. Skill is when you negotiate good trades. Having a lot of coins means you can just keep opening packs, until you finish the set.


How is difficulty calculated?

As with most of our algorithms, this one won’t be published. But I can give the gist. The algorithm considers three factors: the variance of the print counts, the rarity of the items, and the total number of items in the set. Higher print count variance, lower print counts overall, and higher number of items results in a higher level of difficulty.

The algorithm is configured to assign a difficulty value to each set, which is then converted to a specific difficulty level of Beginner to Almost Impossible.

Of course, we will be revisiting the algorithm over time to make sure that it fits with expectations and may adjust it as needed. 



Behind the Scenes with Quidd's Card Designers: Breaking Bad Vintage Set

Breaking Bad vintage card set: "Stay Tuned"

Breaking Bad vintage card set: "Stay Tuned"

Welcome to the behind the scenes design world of Quidd!

Today, we chat with Jesse, one of the amazing designers on Quidd's Breaking Bad channel. As a hilarious, quick-thinking, native New Yorker and longtime Breaking Bad fan, Jesse is the perfect match for the explosive and story-driven narrative of the series.

After the recent well-received release of Jesse's vintage, "Stay Tuned" set, we were psyched to hear him dish about the set's creation.

"When designing the Breaking Bad vintage "Stay Tuned" set, my initial goal was to create a feeling of nostalgia. I wanted these cards to look like they had been through some real wear and tear over time. But, it wasn't just a visual look that I was trying to recreate, I wanted them to feel as though they had a personality that came from a different era as well. Being such a huge fan of the series myself, I know (and love) how dramatic and intense this show can be. But, I felt that adding little bit of levity into the design and copy would create a dramatic flare that was so popular in the days of yesteryear. I really had a lot of fun cutting loose and developing this set and it has been so amazing to see how popular it's become!"
"Out of all the cards in this set my favorite one has to be Walter White. Whenever I become invested in a series like this, I always find myself latching onto the main character and giving them the most of my attention. This time around was no exception. Walter White has such a dynamic personality and I found him to be so compelling and captivating. I believe that it is his personality that really sets the overall tone for the show. Whenever I design for this channel, I always feel that if I can get his card just right, the rest will simply fall into place as well."
"I think that working on Breaking Bad is so fun because of how iconic the series is. In my opinion, it is literally one of the most perfectly written television shows I have ever watched! Every single episode serves a purpose that furthers the story and each character has been so intricately thought out. Every little detail was so meticulously  planned out by the show's creators and I have so much appreciation for that. Breaking Bad is a landmark series with one of the greatest protagonists/antagonists that I have ever encountered and being able to contribute to that legacy as both a professional designer and fan has been such a thrill!" 


Thanks for blowing us away with your beautiful work Jesse!

(Vintage fans we have just one message for you: Stay Tuned!)


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Huge News: 100,000,000 Quidds Sold! Thank You!

In a Quidd world...

Where millions of quidds have been pulled...


Something spectacular occurred...

Something so big, so HUGE, we made this post to tell you all about it...

Yesterday at 12:01 PM EST...

🎉Morphodus pulled the 100 millionth quidd - the 1st Edition Star Trek Gigantic Lifeforms Dragon #3903!🎉

THAT is like pulling a shooting star from the sky!

Congratulations! And a heartfelt thank you to you all for getting us here!



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The Fuel Behind the Fire


The Fuel Behind the Fire

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